Recessed Shelving – Create the Wow Factor

Wow, this time it has been a long while between posts – months in fact. Things in life have kept me away from my blog, but now it is time to get back into it.  No more procrastinating – worrying about what to say or write – just doing!  Let’s see if this time I can get this thing off the ground and running!!

I wanted to share with you before and after shots of a wasted space at the bottom of our stairs.  Since we moved in 8 years ago, we have had this shelving unit which served our needs for displaying our collection of trinkets.  But, recently we created a use for this space that incorporates the whole wall and adds visual impact. We had our builders construct a false wall, in which we set three recessed shelves.  With the inclusion of downlights our art and pieces obtained from far and wide now have a beautiful place in which to be displayed. The space feels light and airy and is a wow factor as you descend the stairs to our lower living area.

Recessed shelving is definitely a great idea if you have a free wall and the space.  They add visual interest and creates a place for you to style your treasured possessions.  Whether it is in the bedroom, living area, or bathroom, for the display of books, candles, photos, or the kids toy collection, the ideas are endless.





Displaying Objects Around the Home

Recently we have found that we need more space for all the little knick-knacks and treasures we have been accumulating. So we have added some new shelves.   Arranging a small collection of your favourite things together in a cluster adds a point of interest and draws your eye in. And don’t just stick to hanging paintings or photos on the wall. Resting them on shelves helps to produce a sense of casual intimacy.

The white floating shelf sits peacefully against the white wall and allows the colour of the objects to stand out.  These colours work well together and complement the cushions on the couch below.

Shelf and Objects

Shelf and Sofa

There are however a wide range of shelves available and some great modern designs, both by NZ and overseas designers.  These are a couple of my favs.

Shelf by Joska & Sons. Image via 
The Apex Shelf. Image via

The chairs are back and look fantastic!

It’s been a few weeks between posts.  School holidays have kept me busy.  But I am back, and wanted to share my chairs with you.  Remember these chairs IMG_6992that were looking a little sorry for themselves and in desperate need of recovering?  Well, they are back and looking pretty fantastic!  I am so pleased with the result. Turned out just as I thought they would and they all look great around our table.  Loving the cowhide so much I am getting covers for my headrests in my car made with the leftover fabric.  Will post an image when they are finished.



Choosing second-hand chairs and recovering them is definitely a great way to get the exact look you are wanting and that is uniquely your own.  One that will be slightly different to the designs available in the shops and absolutely worth it if you can find the time and imagination.


3 Art Works and a Gallery

Clay pieces

The above pieces were a recent purchase from The Vivian, which is a gallery located in Matakana.  It is a charming space, built specifically as a gallery, housed in a gorgeous setting on 3 acres of pasture, native bush and ponds. The Vivian was established by a group of local professional artists who exhibit throughout the country but seldom in their own community.  Their intention is to show art by both themselves and other contemporary artists.

The exhibition on at the time of my visit was a show concerned with the collaboration of pieces between potters and painters.  The three clay pieces I bought were by artists Harriet Stockman  and Shelley Norton. They have worked together in the provision and combination of clay and the making and painting of each piece.

I am loving my new acquired artwork and the pleasure they bring and I would highly recommend a visit to The Vivian gallery if you are in the Matakana area. Not just for the art but the stunning surroundings. It is a place to spend some time and immerse yourself in the peaceful rural location.

Needle, thread and a sewing machine

Quite often I sit and create with my sewing machine.  Above is a recent addition.  So often I have shopped for a clutch, with none really grabbing my attention.  Some are too glitzy, not the right size, or lacking a sense of fun. So I thought, why not try your hand at making your own.  I am still learning and believe me, they do get better with each attempt. Apart from the feeling of satisfaction in your accomplishment, the added bonus of making these yourself means you end up with a one-off original.  The designs are limitless in the combinations of fabric and colour that you can create.

Following, I turned my attention to pieces of art I have been creating with the sewing machine.  These are 110mm x 150mm, so quite modest in size. I compare these to drawings or small collages of my own paintings.  Unfortunately I haven’t got around to posting images of my paintings yet, I promise to do this soon.

I have assembled quite a collection of these fabric works over a period of time now.  Eventually I can see them being exhibited on mass. Until then, I intend to continue to stockpile.



6 chairs in need of loving repair…


I vowed I wouldn’t buy second-hand chairs off the internet again, it seems always inevitable that at least one will be unsteady.  But alas, I haven’t found brand new chairs that I really love.  Hence the imminent recovering of the above six to get exactly what I want.  No more chipping with wood or fibreglass, these babies will be gorgeous fabric (the style of which you will have to wait and see). Tomorrow they are heading off to my upholsterer for him to work his magic.   I will post new images when they return, looking sensational and ready to complement the dining table.