Recessed Shelving – Create the Wow Factor

Wow, this time it has been a long while between posts – months in fact. Things in life have kept me away from my blog, but now it is time to get back into it.  No more procrastinating – worrying about what to say or write – just doing!  Let’s see if this time I can get this thing off the ground and running!!

I wanted to share with you before and after shots of a wasted space at the bottom of our stairs.  Since we moved in 8 years ago, we have had this shelving unit which served our needs for displaying our collection of trinkets.  But, recently we created a use for this space that incorporates the whole wall and adds visual impact. We had our builders construct a false wall, in which we set three recessed shelves.  With the inclusion of downlights our art and pieces obtained from far and wide now have a beautiful place in which to be displayed. The space feels light and airy and is a wow factor as you descend the stairs to our lower living area.

Recessed shelving is definitely a great idea if you have a free wall and the space.  They add visual interest and creates a place for you to style your treasured possessions.  Whether it is in the bedroom, living area, or bathroom, for the display of books, candles, photos, or the kids toy collection, the ideas are endless.






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