Displaying Objects Around the Home

Recently we have found that we need more space for all the little knick-knacks and treasures we have been accumulating. So we have added some new shelves.   Arranging a small collection of your favourite things together in a cluster adds a point of interest and draws your eye in. And don’t just stick to hanging paintings or photos on the wall. Resting them on shelves helps to produce a sense of casual intimacy.

The white floating shelf sits peacefully against the white wall and allows the colour of the objects to stand out.  These colours work well together and complement the cushions on the couch below.

Shelf and Objects

Shelf and Sofa

There are however a wide range of shelves available and some great modern designs, both by NZ and overseas designers.  These are a couple of my favs.

Shelf by Joska & Sons. Image via thecleverdesignstore.com 
The Apex Shelf. Image via timwebberdesign.com

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