Needle, thread and a sewing machine

Quite often I sit and create with my sewing machine.  Above is a recent addition.  So often I have shopped for a clutch, with none really grabbing my attention.  Some are too glitzy, not the right size, or lacking a sense of fun. So I thought, why not try your hand at making your own.  I am still learning and believe me, they do get better with each attempt. Apart from the feeling of satisfaction in your accomplishment, the added bonus of making these yourself means you end up with a one-off original.  The designs are limitless in the combinations of fabric and colour that you can create.

Following, I turned my attention to pieces of art I have been creating with the sewing machine.  These are 110mm x 150mm, so quite modest in size. I compare these to drawings or small collages of my own paintings.  Unfortunately I haven’t got around to posting images of my paintings yet, I promise to do this soon.

I have assembled quite a collection of these fabric works over a period of time now.  Eventually I can see them being exhibited on mass. Until then, I intend to continue to stockpile.



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